• A group of 4 or 5 players is created.
  • One player is designated the role of Market Maker . The remaining players assume the role of Traders.
  • Each player selects a card from the “Inside Info” deck. Given the information that they know (the value of their Inside Info card) and the information they deduce from the game (other player’s actions), Traders try to beat the market by buying when share prices are low and selling when share prices are high. The Market Maker tries to set optimal bid and offer prices. A more detailed description with illustrative examples is included below.
  • After time ends (recommended time: 5 minutes), all players disclose their Inside Info card values. The final share price is determined by adding up each of the numbers. Using this final share price, total profits and losses can be calculated for each player.
  • After each game, players can reflect on their strategies, alternate roles, and/or move to an advanced level where more sophisticated rules/roles/strategies are introduced.